Inclusion Committee

As an appointed committee of City Council, the Inclusion Committee primary purpose will be to develop recommendations for better community engagement and participation of all community members.

Objectives of the Inclusion Committee are:

  • Identify methods to increase diversity (not limited to race) on City boards and commissions.
  • Identify challenges that deter inclusion for non-residents working or visiting.
  • Be a voice of residents for opportunities to drive better inclusive practices.
Agendas and Minutes of the Inclusion Committee can be found on the Council AGENDA page.

The Madeira Inclusion Committee was created by City Council in the Fall of 2020.  

Committee Member:   Term #  Current Term:
 Kevin Kingman

 1  01.01.21 to 12.31.22
 Jodi Whitted

 1  01.01.21 to 12.31.22
 Tom Kent

 1  01.01.21 to 12.31.22
 David Meredith

 1  01.01.21 to 12.31.22
 Kathleen McVey

 1  01.01.21 to 12.31.23
 David McCoy

 1  01.01.21 to 12.31.23
 Susan Kissel

 1  01.01.21 to 12.31.23
 Shawn Bativala

 1  01.01.21 to 12.31.23
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