Wiffle Ball Registration

The City is happy to announce that the 2020 Wiffle Ball League will occur!  Please complete the REGISTRATION FORM and return it and the $20 fee to the City Offices by June 15th.  The League is for all children entering grades 4th through 9th in the fall.

The League will operate under modified guidelines, to be consistent with COVID-19 safety protocols.  Please note the following:

 1)     Shorter Season - The season will take place from June 22nd through July 31st at McDonald Commons.

 2)     The normal schedule of games is 8:45AM, 10:00AM & 11:15AM. This schedule is subject to change. The last game is usually over by 12:30 p.m.

 3)     All social distancing protocol will be followed by the players when not on the field of play. This includes maintaining 6ft physical distance between individuals. Masks can be worn at the player’s discretion.

4)      Players will not be allowed to share water bottles and will follow the “no touch rule” provided by the State of Ohio.

5)     Players and spectators should not congregate in the parking lot before and after games.

6)     Rosters and game schedules will be emailed to the address listed on the registration form and posted on the Wiffleball League website:  Paper copies of rosters and schedules will not be provided. A team captain will contact the player with the date & time of the first game. If not, report to McDonald Commons on June 22nd by 8:30 a.m. for team/time assignment.

7)     If you are registering more than one child, use a separate form.

8)     Make a notation if you want siblings or friends to play on the same or separate teams.

9)     Return registration form and the $20 fee by June 15th. Forms and fees may be mailed or dropped off at the City Offices.  Forms may be EMAILED, but you will need to call the City offices at  513-561-7228 to pay the fee by credit card.
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