Auto Theft

The following information has been provided by the Police Department.

When a vehicle theft occurs, the Madeira Police Department's responsibilities are two-fold. Their primary mission is to conduct follow-up investigations/recovery efforts and to arrest auto theft suspects. They also work to reduce auto theft rates through community awareness.

If your vehicle is stolen, inform the local police department immediately. Criminals often use stolen vehicles to commit other crimes. You will also be required to fill out a police report

Vehicle Protection Tips
  • Park in well-lit areas with pedestrian traffic.
  • Lock your vehicle, roll up the windows, and take your keys with you.
  • Hide valuables in a secure location, such as the trunk, under the seat, or any place out of view.
  • Consider using a steering-wheel locking device to help secure your vehicle.
  • Consider installing a security alarm system for your vehicle.
  • Consider installing a tracking device in your vehicle to help recover it if it is stolen.
  • Consider VIN etching the windows of your vehicle.
  • Never leave your keys in an unattended vehicle.
  • Never leave the title to your vehicle inside your vehicle.
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