Sexual Assault

The following information has been provided by the Police Department.  

The Facts About Sexual Assault 

The Victim
Sexual assault can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time.

The Suspect
The typical stereotype of a sexual assault suspect is a sex-crazed maniac or psychopath. In reality, people who sexually assault are not always strangers to their victims. In more than one-third of reported cases, the rapist is an acquaintance, neighbor, friend, or relative. 

The Crime
Although sexual conduct is a component of this crime, suspects mainly want to hurt, humiliate, and degrade another human being. Regardless of the sexual nature of the crime, it is a crime of violence.

How Can It Happen? 
These simple examples show that the tragedy of sexual assault can strike anyone, anywhere, at anytime.
  • "When the salesman knocked on the door, I let him in. He was friendly at first, then all of a sudden he grabbed me."
  • "I was downstairs in the laundry room of our apartment building. I had been there alone many times before, but this time."
  • "I was walking to work in broad daylight. A car stopped next to me. The driver leaned over and asked for directions. When I got close to the car, he pulled out a gun and told me to get in." 
Additional Information
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