Online Filing

Let the online electronic filing (e-file) do all the calculating for you. It will even calculate your credit for taxes paid to other cities. It will show any carry forward you may have from the prior year and any estimated payments that you have made for the current year. It makes the mandatory filing as easy as just inputting your W-2 information, printing the form, attaching your supporting documents and mailing, faxing, emailing, or dropping them off at the Municipal Building.

Please Note...
You need to send in copies of your supporting information for your income and/or losses (such as W-2s, 1099 Misc., Schedule C, Schedule E, K-1, etc.). Your filing is not complete until we receive this information.

IF YOUR 1099 Misc. are filed on a Schedule C, you will NOT enter the 1099s individually. You will ONLY enter your Schedule C income or loss.

After we receive the signed copy of your return and your supporting documents from above, we will verify that the wage amounts were input into the e-file system correctly. The City uses box five (Medicare wages) on your W-2, not box one (Federal wages). If your box one wages are higher than your box five wages, we will need an explanation sent in with your W-2. The City reserves the right to correct your tax return and require you to resubmit, revise, or amend your tax return with accurate data. 

In order to use e-file, you will need to CREATE A NEW PIN EACH YEAR. After you enter your social security number, click "don't have a pin." This will allow you to create a new pin each year and access our e-file site. If you have already established your PIN THIS YEAR, you may enter it in the pin field.  If you forget your pin number after you have set it, you can send us an email or give us a call and we will be happy to reset it for you.

If you have any questions or problems with filing your tax return electronically, you can email us or you can call us at 513-272-4212.  A return may be "unfinalized" by contacting the Tax Office if an error is detected.

Your taxes are considered late after July 15th, and you will be charged a minimum late fee of at least $25 per month up to $150.
 Click Here to continue to e-file.
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