Community Statement on Racial Equity Initiative

June 10, 2020

Community Statement on Racial Equity Initiative

We have all been confronted the last 2 weeks with the astonishing normalcy with which African Americans face systemic racism and rules of injustice breaking lives apart and literally killing them. Quite simply, Black Lives Matter and we must not wait for perfection in words or plans to take action.  Monday night, my fellow Council members joined me affirming commitment to develop a Community Action Plan creating a framework to better hear, understand, and act on ways our community can promote racial equity and equal justice.

Council will work to build substance to our Community Action Plan in coming weeks, but our basic framework will include four interlocking components:

Commitment – Council’s unanimous support towards initiating action is a first step. Development of a mission statement and active use of City webpage and city communications to follow.

Connection – Identify key relationships to leverage as we share learning and actions:

  • Local: Between local leaders (School, Police, Fire Department, faith organizations)
  • Community: Between Council and community
  • Regional: Between City and other local governments via First Suburbs, City of Cincinnati, organizations like Greater Cincinnati Foundation already leading on Racial Equity work.

Communication – Tactics needed to listen and respond to residents, businesses, and community partners of our actions and outcomes (leveraging coffee talks, community meetings, outreach to businesses, website/social media presence)

Correction – Identify opportunities or deficiencies, and create action steps based on outreach, education/awareness building of other initiatives, recommendations of community leaders.

I am proud to live in this community, even while recognizing how insulated we can be from the vividly painful realities of racial injustice. I am proud of the enthusiasm of nearly 200 neighbors who stood together showing their support for racial equity and equal justice on a hot evening last week. I am proud of our police department for working with the organizers to ensure a safe and peaceful demonstration, and for their leadership every day in the community creating a visible and positive police presence while doing the difficult work of keeping us all safe.

There is room for us to do more, to listen and take action on the painful realities our Black citizens have faced for far too long. Beyond a march or a social media post, I am eager to work with our community and across the Cincinnati area to open my eyes, ears, and heart for concrete steps to push back racism and injustice.

Our Madeira Police Department has my fullest support, and gratitude for any ways in which we can work together within our own community or beyond, sharing what works, and learning from what hurts to improve racial equity.

I look forward to working with Council, City administration, Chief Schaefer and the Madeira Police Department, and voices from our community and beyond to shape a plan that fully supports our commitment to racial equity and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Please reach out to me at or any Council members to voice your thoughts on this process.

In community,

Nancy Spencer
Mayor, City of Madeira
C: 513.365.4300  /  E:

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