Camargo Road Project

Construction on the project began May 13th with the installation of a new stormwater system. Work will continue through the end of October.  In addition to the stormwater system, the section of Camargo Road, between Miami and Shawnee Run, will be reconstructed to include a new sidewalk, curbs, street lighting and street trees.  From Shawnee Run to the south City limit, a new sidewalk will be built to connect Shawnee Run to Burman Woods.  Please be aware that there will be detours during the construction period to allow the contractor to install the stormwater system.  Thank you for your patience as we improve Madeira's infrastructure. 

The project is valued at $1.6 million.  Funding sources include $308,000 from the Ohio Public Works Commission, Tax Increment Financing for $1.2 million, and the balance from the City's 2019 Street Fund Budget.
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